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Long Island weather: Clear and cold

Saturday starts the weekend off on a bright, clear and cold note, which will last through Sunday and likely into all of next week.

Despite Saturday’s sunny skies, the wind chill will make it feel between 15 and 25 degrees, though thermometers will hit a daytime high of 36 degrees, according to the National Weather Service’s Islip office.

Outdoor lovers on Saturday can expect a breezy day, with winds topping out at 15 mph.

"Clear skies with a few mid and low clouds remain the norm as atmospheric profiles are dry and stable. Temperatures in the mid to upper 30s will feel like the 20s due to the aforementioned wind," the weather service said.

Saturday's nighttime temperature is expected to slide to 28 degrees, but once again the wind chill will lower that to feel like 20 to 25.

Sunday should be a close twin of Saturday, with a daytime high a slightly warmer 39 degrees, the weather service said.

"Needless to say rain chances are nonexistent with clear skies expected," the weather service said. "North winds should be slightly weaker at 5-10 mph which will help the apparent temperatures stay above freezing for the afternoon."

And then the Monday to Friday stretch sees temperatures clinging to a tight band, with the low 30s as cold as it is expected to get — and the mid-40s as warm.

For January, that is rather mild, at least according to historical data that dates back to 1963. The usual high is a cooler 38 degrees, the low is a chillier 23.3 and the mean is 30.6. About 6.7 inches of snow and around 3.64 inches of rain is typical for January.

A cold front could return sometime around next weekend, the weather service advised.

"Models indicate a large and strong low pressure system to our north over Canada, which looks to drag a cold front through the area at some point toward the end of the week," the weather service said.

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