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Long Island weather: Cold and blustery weekend, snow early next week

Brace for a markedly cold and blustery weekend and Monday — and then a touch of snow starting that night.

"At this time the precipitation begins Monday evening and continues into early Tuesday evening, with a prolonged period of light snow," the National Weather Service’s Islip office said. (To see experimental projections of how much snow individual areas may get —expected to be mostly an inch or so — visit:

The Wednesday to Friday stretch should return the skies to much of the same pattern seen recently — one that will prevail this weekend too.

Cold and wind, and then snow

The next two days will see sunshine on Long Island, with daytime highs just above freezing and night time lows in the 20s, though wind chills will make it feel like 15 to 20 degrees on Saturday and five to 15 degrees on Sunday.

Early-risers on Saturday should see the clouds lifting away, the weather service said, and sunshine break forth, though its rays will only partly counter northwest winds that could kick up to 35 mph. And the afternoon might see some stratocumulus clouds that may look like waves or bands and often reveal "the depth of the moist air at low levels," the weather service explained.

"High temperatures will struggle to get into the upper 20s to low 30s, with wind chills in the upper teens today under the brisk northwest flow," the weather service said.

Anyone out in a boat or walking the shore might need to be prepared to duck at times.

"There is a chance of light freezing spray across the ocean waters and western Long Island Sound for a period late Saturday night into early Sunday, given the combination of subfreezing air temperatures, strong winds and wave action over these areas," the weather service said.

And the cold will make itself known to anyone out and about early Sunday.

"Low temperatures Sunday morning will be quite cold, in the low teens to near 20 across New York City and western Long Island, under mostly clear skies," the weather service said.

"Highs during the day will moderate somewhat into the lower and middle 30s, closer to normal for this time of year," the forecasters said.

By the evening the winds should calm from speeds as swift as 25 mph.

The work week should start on a sunny note with a daytime high of 37 degrees expected, but there is a 50% chance of snow arriving Monday night, when temperatures will drop to 27.

Tuesday’s odds of snow are higher, at 70%. The daytime high should hit 37 degrees, however.

While the storm’s track remains a bit uncertain at the moment, right now it appears, the weather service said, "the potential for higher impacts will be across areas north and west, with lower impacts to areas east of New York City and portions of southeastern Connecticut, as high pressure remains to the north."


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