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Long Island weather: Pleasant summer day, then storms tomorrow

Ed Eccker, front, of Pennsylvania, and Delores Hutchinson,

Ed Eccker, front, of Pennsylvania, and Delores Hutchinson, of Brooklyn, participate in a Canoe Race in the water off Waterfront Park in Freeport on Aug. 1, 2021. Credit: James Carbone

Another delightfully sunny, cool and, at least initially, low-humidity day is what forecasters predict for Saturday — and most of Sunday is promising too, at least until the early afternoon, when the chances of rain are 30%, the forecasters said.

After possible showers and thunderstorms Sunday, the work week begins with two at least partly sunny days and then possible downpours every day from Wednesday through Friday, the National Weather Service said.

Daytime temperatures on Long Island for the next seven days should top out in the upper 70s to low 80s.

"A much cooler and drier airmass continues to be ushered further south into the eastern U.S. behind a departing low pressure system over the Canadian Maritimes, bringing welcome relief to the recent spell of summer heat and humidity across parts of the areas," the weather service’s Weather Prediction Center said.

Low pressure systems bring rain and clouds as their rising air warms, allowing vapors to form.

Around the tri-state and the country

The Northwest’s blazing, wildfire-fueling heat wave will likely break by Sunday, as "monsoonal moisture" arrives from the South, the weather prediction center said.

Those still out-of-control Western wildfires are triggering air quality alerts for parts of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Central Colorado and the northern Great Basin will also see a "broad area of monsoonal showers and thunderstorms," the weather prediction center said, but the Deep South will be coping with a heat wave that could send heat indices over 100.

And the potential for the tri-state to see some violent weather was highlighted on Friday night, when a small tornado — less than 50 yards wide and only about a third of a mile long, with a top speed of 65 mph — struck New Jersey’s Verona Park in Essex County just before 6 p.m., the weather service said.

"The tornado likely touched down inside the Montclair Golf Club," the weather service said, toppling a few trees, including one that fell on a house. The golf club is near the park.

The tornado's speed put it at the bottom of tornado rankings — an EFO, a category with a top wind speed of 85 mph. The scale runs up to EF5, when winds hit can reach 200 mph or more, according to the weather service.

Back on Long Island

Long Islanders can look for dew points to begin rising later Saturday as western winds give way to southern breezes, raising that measure of when the air is cool enough for vapors to condense into the mid-50s, the weather service said. Any reading over 55 is considered muggy.

"Temperatures will be in the upper 70s with clear skies for the afternoon making for a nice summer day," the weather service said. Night time lows in the mid-60s are predicted.

Long Island’s weather next week will be complicated by the timing of two broad systems — one from the Midwest and one from Canada — and how they interact, forecasters said.

On Monday, the cooler air arriving from Canada "will attempt to merge" with a low pressure wave, which on Saturday is expected to bring storms, hail and possible tornadoes from Nebraska to the mid-Mississippi Valley, the weather prediction center said.

This low pressure system could, it said, "produce a period of strong to possibly severe thunderstorms near the Mid-Atlantic coast."

With a coastal low pressure system developing over the Carolinas, Long Islanders on late Sunday and early Monday might see some rain, possibly as much as an inch, the weather service said.

Otherwise, Monday and Tuesday should be at least partly sunny, but the chances of rain from Wednesday through Friday bounce from 30% to 40%, the weather service said.

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