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Good Afternoon

Long Island weather: Sun today, light snow possible tonight

Long Islanders woke up Saturday morning to clear skies and beaming sunshine — but meteorologists say the glow will slowly fade throughout the day as clouds set in during the afternoon hours before a possible light snowfall overnight.

Faye Barthold, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Upton bureau, said Saturday’s temperatures are cooler than normal, in the upper 30s rather than the mid-40s. Lows tonight will be in the upper 20s.

“We’ll see clouds increase this afternoon as we go throughout the day,” Barthold said Saturday morning. “There’s a system approaching that has an outside chance of bringing us a brief period of snow tonight.”

The snow would be a dusting, if any, and would come after midnight into early Sunday morning, Barthold said.

“If we see anything, it wouldn’t really be significant.”

Matt Hammer, a meteorologist at News 12 Long Island, said weekend temperatures will stay a little below average. After cloud cover and possible snow showers early Sunday morning, the sunshine will return for the better part of the weekend.

“As we get into Monday, we’re back in the 50s, then jump into the 60s around Tuesday and we’re looking at potentially a record-setting Wednesday around 65 degrees,” Hammer said Saturday morning.

The previous record for Wednesday’s temperature was 64 degrees in 2000, Hammer said. A high of 60 degrees during the week would be 15 degrees above normal, Barthold said.

“It’ll give us a nice little preview to spring,” Barthold said.

Both Hammer and Barthold said winds from the south making their way north are to thank for bringing the warmer temperatures.

But Long Island isn’t out of the winter woods just yet, both Hammer and Barthold said. Trends point to the weather cooling down at the end of March and storms are always a possibility. The Island saw a light snowfall as recently as Friday, which lasted for most of the day.

“Snow is not out of the question, but next week obviously it’ll be much too warm, so nothing in the near future,” Barthold said. “But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t get it again.”

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