Good Morning
Good Morning

Long Island weather: Dry and sunny

Thursday will be a superb summer day — except perhaps for fans of humidity. 

Dry air plus sunshine and a high during the day of 80 degrees is what the National Weather Service expects.

There is a moderate risk of rip currents at ocean beaches on Thursday and Friday, and the latter should start the weekend off on a delightful note with forecasters predicting sunshine and a daytime high of 83 degrees, though it will be more humid.

Saturday favors the early risers as morning sunshine might be eclipsed by showers. There is a 20% chance rain will develop after 2 p.m., along with some possible thunderstorms.

Highs in the mid-80s are expected. 

The downpours might continue during the night and after Sunday’s morning sunshine, the weather service says there is a 30% chance of storms after midday and it will be hot, as the daytime high should rise to 87 degrees. 

The Monday to Wednesday period should exemplify the hot, sunny and humid weather that can make almost anyone long for autumn’s cool as the weather service says those three days will see temperatures in the high 80s. 

All the more reason to revel in Thursday’s superb weather, though the weather service's description is rather more restrained.

"It will be comfortable today with low humidity as dew points will reside primarily in the middle and upper 50s region wide," the weather service said Thursday. "After a northeast wind initially, the winds will switch around to the south fairly quickly along coastal sections during this afternoon."

And that will slowly deliver the partial return of that heat-magnifying humidity. 

"As a result, the humidity levels will gradually begin to creep up thereafter but still remain at fairly comfortable levels," the weather service said. 

However, it will remain a bit cooler than usual.

"Temperatures this afternoon will average a few degrees below normal, despite abundant sunshine," the weather service said.

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