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Good Morning

Long Island weather: Partly sunny and warm, storms possible tonight

Wednesday should see sunshine in between the clouds, with a daytime high of 74 degrees expected, the forecasters said.

But, the National Weather Service said, temperatures could rise even higher Wednesday, depending on how long a warm frontal boundary stalls over the area and how swiftly sea breezes and a cold front sweep in this afternoon.

There is, the weather service said, "Potential for temps to rise into the mid/upper 80s across northeast New Jersey, the Lower Hudson Valley and the New York City metro (area)."

Temperatures in coastal southeast Connecticut and far eastern Long Island likely will remain in the lower to mid-60s.

Though the weekend should be fair, showers and even thunderstorms could develop Wednesday evening. The weather service estimated the odds of rain at 30%.

However, those odds rise to 70% on Thursday and that morning may begin with patchy fog that could obscure roads, the weather service cautioned.

At most, a quarter of an inch of rain may fall during the day, when the high should hit 69 degrees.

The rain may continue Thursday night, and any downpours could be more intense. The weather service cited the potential "for a narrow swath of rainfall in excess of one inch during the late Thursday/Thursday night time."

What the Weather Prediction Center, which is part of the weather service, calls a slow-moving front is bringing the rain as it inches in towards the Mid-Atlantic.

This system will grow from Michigan in the north down to the southeast and the Central/Western Gulf Coast, the prediction center said.

As a result, it said, "Showers and thunderstorms will develop along and ahead of the front from the middle Mississippi Valley eastward to parts of the Northeast."

Friday morning may also start with showers. The odds of rain are 30%.

And the day could be notable for stiff breezes.

"Northwest wind gusts of 35 to 45 mph are likely Friday afternoon into Friday night, with (the) potential for a few 50 mph gusts," the weather service said.

It added, "Temps on Friday will be near or slightly above seasonable."

A daytime high of 66 degrees is expcted.

Saturday should be bright and breezy, with Sunday a close twin minus the winds. Both days should see daytime highs in the mid-60s.

"By Sunday afternoon temperatures should climb into the 60s, with a few areas further west and inland potentially getting into the lower 70s," the weather service said.

Monday and Tuesday should see at least partly clear skies, with thermometers rising into the upper 60s.

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