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Swimming restrictions lifted Tuesday at 6 Nassau beaches closed on Labor Day

North Hempstead Beach Park was one of six

North Hempstead Beach Park was one of six beaches closed on Labor Day. Credit: Nina Ruggiero

Swimming restrictions have been lifted at six North Shore beaches in Nassau County that were closed to swimming on Labor Day as a precautionary measure, health officials said.

The county's Department of Health said in a Tuesday news release that Laurel Hollow Beach, Morgan Beach, North Hempstead Beach Park, Sea Cliff Village Beach, Tappen Beach and Theodore Roosevelt Beach no longer have swimming restrictions.

Because of concerns over bacteria after heavy storm-water runoff, health officials frequently close beaches to swimmers as a precautionary measure.

The runoff can sweep bacteria and pathogens into local streams and bays, causing bacterial levels to spike, according to health officials.

For recorded information on beach closings and openings in Nassau, call 516-227-9700. Health department representatives are available weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., at 516-227-9717.

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