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LI forecast: Higher humidity brings increased chances of storms this week

The heat is still on, and here comes the humidity.

While Sunday's high was a record-breaking 90 degrees, it was relatively dry with the humidity at about 50%.

Monday afternoon, the moisture in the air shot up to nearly 70% in some places, bringing with it the chance for thunderstorms Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although the high temperature Monday was about 80 degrees, the humidity made real-feel conditions seem hotter.

The chance for thunderstorms remains relatively low Monday, the National Weather Service said, but increases to 40% Tuesday and a 50% Wednesday.

Forecasters said there’s also a chance storms that could hit New York City Thursday and Friday could skirt Long Island. But Friday there is a 40% chance of plain showers most of the day and evening.

For now expect a week that’s hazy, hot and humid with a good chance for thunder, lightning and rain.

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