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Drought on Long Island moderate, U.S. Drought Monitor says

Long Island remains in the moderate drought category, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported Thursday in its weekly update.

The determination is based on data as of Tuesday.

While precipitation for June came in at .22 below the month's norm of 4.27 inches, the period from April 1 through July 7 shows a 6.83 inch deficit, with 13.06 inches the norm, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center, based at Cornell University.

That time period this year ranks as the fourth driest in the 31 years that the National Weather Service has been maintaining the Island's official weather records at Long Island MacArthur Airport, according to the regional center.

"Recent rainfall has been light, and not enough to bring the area out of deficit," said Jessica Spaccio, climatologist with the center. "Islip is still over five inches below normal since January first."

As of day-end Wednesday, the airport recorded .18 of an inch so far this month, which is .59 below the norm for the first eight days of July.

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