First came the deep freeze. Now Long Islanders can prepare for the great melt.

Warmer temperatures, arriving Saturday afternoon and continuing through early next week, should begin to finally thaw out the icy, foot-high-plus snow banks sitting ominously on many front lawns of Nassau and Suffolk residents, according to the National Weather Service.

Time to break out the tropical drinks and mini umbrellas? Well, not quite yet.

Saturday's forecast calls for daytime temperatures in the low 30s, just below freezing, that will drop into the 20s overnight, said Jeffrey Tongue, meteorologist with the weather service in Upton.

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But relief comes on Sunday, with temperatures expected in low 40s -- a return to normal for snow-weary Long Islanders.

"It won't be warm enough for any rapid melting and there will be no significant rainfall so there should be no flooding to worry about," News 12 Long Island meteorologist Bill Korbel said Saturday. "Just some puddles where the piles of snow block the water runoff."

Monday's temperatures will stay in the low 40s and reach the mid 40s by Tuesday, Tongue said.