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26° Good Evening

What does February weather mean to you?

For our new monthly weather previews, we want to hear from you. Each month, we'll include stories from readers related to the weather for the upcoming month.

Do you have a special memory from a February snowstorm? Did you get married in a blizzard — perhaps on Valentine's Day?  Or maybe you just associate February with certain feelings.

Let us know about whatever February means for you in the form below.

And see January's weather preview here.

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Years ago I decided to do a 90-day count down to make it through the dreary days from January 1 to March 31 ... January...

Dan Oppenheimer, Hempstead

January will always remind me of the series of snowstorms leading up to the roof collapse at the Waldbaum’s in Massapequa on...

Elizabeth Horan , Massapequa

January 19, 1953: My father had to drive through a blizzard from Queens to Lutheran Hospital in Manhattan to get my mother...

Janet Healy, Syosset