Police kill 5 ethnic protesters

Police opened fire yesterday on members of an ethnic group in the south demanding a new state in a draft constitution, killing five people in two towns, officials said. Protesters in Birgunj town, 100 miles south of Kathmandu, were violating a curfew and trying to attack the police station when officers opened fire, killing four, they said. Another protester was killed in Kalaiya town, just east of Birgunj, when residents there also violated curfew orders. The ethnic Madhesi want a state in their area named after their group. Last week, protesters from a different ethnic group killed seven police officers in southwest Nepal.

PAKISTANBomb targets police leader

A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up near a vehicle carrying an area commander of the tribal police in the northwest yesterday, killing four people and wounding 52, authorities said. The attacker, who was on foot, targeted area commander Tehsinullah Khan as his vehicle came out of the headquarters of the tribal police in Jamrud. Khan was wounded. Later, Pakistani Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khurasani claimed the bombing. Two police officers and two civilians were killed in the attack.

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GUATEMALAPresident loses immunity

Congress voted yesterday to withdraw President Otto Pérez Molina's immunity from prosecution in connection with a widening corruption scandal. A vote of at least 105 of the 158 representatives was required to approve the measure. The government has been beset by a series of corruption cases, but until now Pérez Molina, as president, had been immune to prosecution.

SOMALIAMilitants overrun AU base

Islamic extremists have overrun an African Union base in the south after a firefight with troops, Col. Ahmed Hassan said yesterday, He said the attack in the small farming town of Janale started with a suicide car bombing at the base's gate. The Islamic extremist al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack.