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AFGHANISTAN: Bus plunge in mountains kills 35

A bus plunged off a mountain road in the Hindu Kush yesterday, catching fire and leaving at least 35 people dead. The bus struck other vehicles before leaving the road near the Salang Pass, 70 miles north of Kabul. It was just north of the 12,700-foot-high pass where an avalanche this year killed 170 people.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: American is nation's most wanted

The island nation's most wanted man is an American who for 10 years has pulled off narrow escapes and taunted police. The search for alleged drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto is intensifying after a bust that led to a laptop filled with aliases, luxury cars and a ranch with a private zoo. U.S. marshals and Dominican police are chasing all leads, with Attorney General Eric Holder pledging cooperation to capture a fugitive who has embarrassed both countries since escaping from prison in Puerto Rico.

THAILAND: Red Shirts vow to continue protest

Red Shirt demonstrators vowed Wednesday to extend their anti-government protest in Bangkok indefinitely, after taking their attention-grabbing tactic of pouring bottles of their own blood to the home of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

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