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3 armored car guards slain in Canada heist

EDMONTON, Alberta -- An early morning shooting left three armed guards dead and one in critical condition at a university campus in western Canada after an apparent robbery of an armored truck, police said Friday.

Police are looking for a fifth employee of the security company, Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said.

The police chief said Travis Baumgartner, a 22-year-old employee of G4S Cash Services, is a person of interest and his involvement in the shootings is not clear. Knecht said authorities in the United States have been notified as well.

Police said no University of Alberta students were involved. The university was quickly put on lockdown, but that was later lifted.

G4S Cash Services spokeswoman Robin Steinberg confirmed that two male employees and a female employee were among the dead. She said the guards were armed, but she did not have further details.

Steinberg said they've never had a fatality in Canada before.

"It's horrible to lose this many," she said.

One G4S Cash Services van was found at the scene. Police found an armored truck, running but abandoned, not far from the G4S offices.

"At some point during the delivery, three of those employees were shot at a location inside the mall," the police chief said during a news conference. "A fourth employee was shot outside the mall."

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