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Bombing kills 13 in Pakistan refugee camp

PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- A car packed with explosives blew up inside a refugee camp yesterday, killing 13 people in an attack that underscored the intensity of the conflict between the government and militants in northwestern Pakistan where refugees are sometimes caught in the middle of the fighting.

The Taliban have been waging a bloody insurgency against the government in an attempt to establish an Islamic state and end Pakistan's cooperation with the United States in fighting militancy.

The blast occurred in Jalozai camp, 19 miles southwest of Peshawar, one of three camps in Pakistan for those displaced by the fighting in the northwest. Militants often don't want residents to flee an area of conflict, partly because it deprives them of a civilian population where they can hide and undermines their claim that they have local support.

Another 25 people were wounded in the blast, which happened just as hundreds lined up to get food, police said. Most of the victims were from the Bajur and khyber tribal areas along the Afghan border, said police officer Mohammad Zahid. -- AP

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