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World briefs

ENGLAND: WikiLeaks: New releases

WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange said Thursday his organization is preparing to release the rest of the secret Afghan war documents it has on file. The Pentagon warned that would be more damaging to security and risk more lives than the organization's initial release of some 76,000 war documents. That extraordinary disclosure, which laid bare classified military documents covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010, has angered U.S. officials and drawn the attention of the Taliban, which has promised to use the material to track down people it considers traitors.

COLOMBIA: Car bomb injures 9

A car packed with at least 110 pounds of explosives blew up in an office district of Colombia's capital, Bogota, Thursday, shattering windows in dozens of buildings and injuring nine people, police said. No deaths were reported. The blast came five days after Juan Manuel Santos was sworn in as president.

PAKISTAN: Marines aid flood victims

A shipload of U.S. Marines and helicopters arrived to boost relief efforts in flooded Pakistan Thursday, but the prime minister told The Associated Press his country needs more international help to cope with one of the worst natural disasters in its history. The United Nations warned the crisis was far from over, saying dams in Sindh province could still burst in the coming days.

AFGHANISTAN: Militants blamed in killings

A Christian charity group said Thursday that it believes militants, not robbers, killed 10 members of its medical team last week in a remote area of northern Afghanistan. In the first days after the attack, the group's leaders had said they suspected the team was set upon by robbers, despite a Taliban claim of responsibility. Dirk Frans, director of the International Assistance Mission, said in a statement, "We are now working on the assumption that the attack was an opportunistic ambush by a group of nonlocal fighters."

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