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WEST BANK: Al-Jazeera leak riles Palestinians

Palestinian Authority officials reacted angrily Monday to the release of memos by al-Jazeera TV that revealed apparent concessions negotiators were willing to make to Israel in 2008. The discussions had been kept confidential out of concern that media leaks would undermine the peace process. Among the revelations contained in the documents, which the station's website said number more than 1,600, were Palestinians' willingness to concede sections of East Jerusalem to Israeli control as part of a final peace deal. Minutes detailing the concession came from a meeting in Jerusalem in June 2008 mediated by then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Al-Jazeera's English-language website is calling the documents the Palestine Papers, and is posting them incrementally, WikiLeaks-style, over the next several days. Palestinian negotiators denied much of the report and directed their anger at al-Jazeera and its host country, Qatar. Palestinian negotiator Yasser Abed Rabbo said the documents were forged "to serve al-Jazeera's prior position," which has often been hostile to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. About 50 demonstrators attacked al-Jazeera's office in Ramallah, breaking a window and spraying graffiti that said "collaborator" and "al-Jazeera Israel." Israeli media commentators speculated that the documents could cause the Palestinians to harden their negotiating positions should U.S.-mediated talks, deadlocked for months, resume.

PERU: Court saves Berenson from prison

An appeals court in Lima rejected a prosecutor's attempt to revoke the parole of U.S. activist Lori Berenson, who was released in May after serving 15 years for aiding leftist rebels. Berenson's attorney told The Associated Press on Monday that the ruling is final, ending eight months of excruciating legal purgatory. "The only thing that she can do now, with tranquility, is to plan her life," said Anibal Apari, her attorney and the father of her 20-month-old son, Salvador. Under the conditions of her parole, the 41-year-old New Yorker cannot leave Peru until her 20-year sentence ends in 2015.

ARGENTINA: Woman falls 23 stories and lives

Witnesses say a woman threw herself from the 23rd story of a Buenos Aires hotel Monday and survived. She landed in a sitting position on the roof of a taxi whose driver got out just before the impact dented his roof and shattered the windshield. The 30-year-old woman was undergoing surgery at a nearby hospital for internal bleeding and broken hips and ribs. Alberto Crescenti, director of Argentina's Emergency Medical System, estimated that she fell nearly 330 feet. The taxi driver, Miguel Cajal, said he jumped out of the car because he saw a policeman stopping traffic and looking up.

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