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YEMEN: Reform protests spreading

Police with sticks and daggers on Sunday beat back thousands of protesters marching through San'a in a third day of demonstrations calling for the resignation of the U.S.-allied president. Yemen is one of several countries feeling the aftershocks of uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Protesters and police clashed Saturday in Algeria. Demonstrations were scheduled today in Bahrain and Iran. Libya comes next on Thursday, followed by Algeria again Saturday, Morocco on Sunday, Cameroon next week, and Kuwait on March 8.

ITALY: Tunisians flee to Sicily

Hundreds of Tunisians landed on a tiny Sicilian island by the boatload Sunday, swelling the numbers of illegal migrants arriving in less than a week to more than 4,000. Sixteen boats had arrived since Saturday night. Many migrants were crammed onto fishing boats or dinghies after reportedly paying hundreds of euros to smugglers. Tunisians are fleeing confusion following the Jan. 14 ouster of their autocratic president.

MEXICO: Seven killed in shootout

A street shootout, possibly between drug gangs, has killed seven people and injured one in the Mexico City suburb of Toluca, a state security official said. Spokesman Edgar Sánchez said Sunday that six men and one woman died of gunshot wounds.

SWITZERLAND: Voters guard their guns

This neutral nation has more guns per capita than any other country except the United States, Finland and Yemen. At least 2.3 million weapons lie stashed in homes in a country of fewer than 8 million people, according to the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey and on Sunday, the voters made sure it stays that way, rejecting a proposal to tighten firearms laws.

IRAQ: Bombing killed 36 pilgrims

The death toll in a suicide bombing Saturday on a bus carrying Shia pilgrims rose to 36, officials said Sunday. The attack targeted pilgrims returning from the al-Askari mosque in Samarra, north of Baghdad. Police said 64 people were wounded.

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