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IRAQ: Car bombs near Green Zone

Suicide bombers detonated two explosives-packed cars Monday outside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, killing nine people and wounding 23, officials said. Two more bombings and a jewelry heist in the capital left three more dead and 15 wounded. The cars blew up just outside a security checkpoint on a heavily traveled road leading into the Green Zone from Baghdad's international airport.

AFGHANISTAN: Daring attack kills 2 soldiers

A Taliban militant opened fire inside the Afghan Defense Ministry in Kabul on Monday, killing two Afghan soldiers in the latest daring attack in a government or military installation. The Taliban said one of their agents who was also an army officer planned the attack to coincide with a visit of the French defense minister. French officials said the minister, Gérard Longuet, was not in the ministry. The assailant wore a vest rigged with explosives, but the vest did not explode.

SYRIA: Protesters take city square

More than 5,000 anti-government protesters took over the main square of Homs, the third-largest city, Monday, vowing to stay until President Bashar Assad is ousted. The government blamed the unrest on ultraconservative Muslims seeking to establish a fundamentalist state in the latest official effort to portray the reform movement as populated by extremists. The standoff in the central city followed funeral processions by 10,000 for some of those killed in clashes Sunday that a rights group said left 12 people dead.

NIGERIA: Christian wins re-election

President Goodluck Jonathan won re-election Monday, as severe rioting sweeping across the Muslim north demonstrated the religious and ethnic tensions dividing Africa's most populous nation. Christians and Muslims have shared the same soil for centuries, but the result showing the Christian president's 10 million-vote lead over Muslim candidate Muhammadu Buhari stoked popular resentment.

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