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MOROCCO: Bomb kills 14 in cafe

A blast ripped through a tourist cafe in downtown Marrakech on Thursday, killing 11 Europeans and three Moroccans in the country's deadliest attack in eight years. About 20 people were injured, said Karim Taj, an aide to the communications minister, at the Argana Restaurant, apparently in a suicide bomb attack. Six French nationals were among the dead, Al Arabiya television reported. The attack was condemned by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

SYRIA: Infighting among troops

Army units have clashed with each other over following President Bashar Assad's orders to crack down on protesters in Daraa, a besieged city at the heart of the uprising, witnesses said Thursday. More than 450 people have been killed, about 100 in Daraa alone, and hundreds detained since the popular revolt began in mid-March, according to human rights groups. While the troops' infighting in Daraa does not indicate any decisive splits in the military, it is the latest sign that cracks, however small, may be developing in Assad's base of support. About 200 mostly low-level members of the ruling Baath Party have resigned over Assad's brutal crackdown.

PAKISTAN: 5 more killed in Karachi

A roadside bomb hit a bus taking navy employees to work in Karachi on Thursday, killing five people in the third such attack this week and just days after the army chief claimed to have "broken the backbone" of militants. Within hours, the Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility. The series of attacks in the country's largest city shows the determination and reach of al-Qaida-linked extremist networks despite U.S.-backed Pakistani army offensives against their main bases in the northwest, close to the Afghan border. Clashes on Thursday in the northwest involving security forces, militants and tribesmen killed 29 people, nearly all suspected insurgents, a government official said.

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