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LIBYA: Arrest warrants for Gadhafi

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor sought arrest warrants Monday for Moammar Gadhafi, his son and the country's intelligence chief for authorizing the killing of civilians in a crackdown on anti-government rebels. The call for the inquest was the first such action in the Netherlands-based court linked to the Arab uprisings. At least two explosions could be heard in Tripoli early Tuesday, indicating more NATO airstrikes. The sound of sporadic gunfire was heard in downtown Tripoli.

AFGHANISTAN: Bomb kills four Americans

Four American soldiers serving with NATO forces died Monday in the explosion of an improvised device in the country's south, NATO and a defense department official said. That makes a total of 16 NATO service members killed so far this month, and 167 this year. Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, second-ranking U.S. general in Afghanistan, said Monday it was too early to tell whether the killing of Osama bin Laden will have an impact on the Afghan war effort.

WEST BANK: New strategy against Israel

Palestinian activists are calling it a preview of new tactics to pressure Israel and win world support for statehood: Masses of marchers, galvanized by the Arab Spring and brought together by Facebook, descending on borders and military posts, and daring Israeli soldiers to shoot. It could prove more problematic for Israel than the suicide bombings and other deadly violence of the past, which the current Palestinian Authority leadership feels only tainted their cause.

CHINA: Dissident gets to see wife

Dissident artist Ai Weiwei was allowed to see his wife Sunday, the first time family or friends have had contact with him since he was detained six weeks ago. Ai's wife, Lu Qing, was called from a local Beijing police station, Liu Xiaoyuan, a lawyer said. She sat across a table from her husband and was allowed to talk to him for 15 minutes under heavy supervision.

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