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LIBYA: Gadhafi's son in talks

Saif al-Islam, the son of Moammar Gadhafi, has approached rebels in the last few days to negotiate an exit from power for his father, an aide to National Transitional Council leader Mahmoud Jebril said. Gadhafi won't be allowed to remain in Libya even though he is "dreaming of staying in the country," Mohamed Al Akari said. South Africa and Senegal are among the countries that might offer him a safe haven, he added. Gadhafi has said he would rather die in Libya than leave.

YEMEN: 12 Qaida militants killed

Government troops trying to recapture areas held by Islamic militants have killed 12 suspected al-Qaida members in the Abyan province in the south, the Defense Ministry said Thursday. Hundreds of militants seized the provincial capital, Zinjibar, on May 27, taking advantage of a breakdown of authority resulting from the government's battle with armed tribesmen seeking to topple the autocratic leader. The crisis has deepened further since President Ali Abdullah Saleh was wounded in a rocket attack on his compound and flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. Saudi and Yemeni officials in Riyadh said Saleh's condition had stabilized enough to move him out of intensive care. U.S. officials said, meanwhile, that American forces launched an airstrike against al-Qaida targets last Friday that killed a midlevel al-Qaida operative named Abu Ali al-Harithi, and other followers.

NETHERLANDS: Red beet sprouts recalled

Dutch authorities recalled red beet sprouts from three countries Thursday after samples were found to be contaminated with a strain of E. coli bacteria that was apparently less dangerous than the one causing Europe's deadly crisis. Laboratories were still trying to identify the Dutch strain of E. coli, but said there have been no immediate reports of serious illness from it. German health officials, meanwhile, reported that three more people had died of the ailment, raising the toll to 29 in less than six weeks.

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