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SYRIA: Shooting kills 10 at funeral

Security forces opened fire on a funeral procession Tuesday, killing up to 10 people in a city besieged for days by some of the most severe violence in the four-month-old uprising, activists said. As many as 50 people have been killed in Homs since Saturday. The shooting outside the Khaled bin Al-Waleed mosque erupted as funerals were held for 10 people killed a day before during a security sweep. The mother of a man being buried was among those killed.

LIBYA: Battle for Brega continues

Government forces in trucks disguised with rebel flags shelled opposition positions Tuesday near the strategic eastern oil town of Brega, killing eight rebel fighters and wounding dozens more, officials said. In an audio message directed at a rally of thousands in the town of al-Aziziya, south of Tripoli, embattled ruler Moammar Gadhafi emphasized the importance of Libya's vast oil wealth to his regime, and called the civil war a battle "for our way of life."

SOMALIA: Videos show six hostages

A maritime industry group posted videos Tuesday on YouTube showing two Danes and four Filipinos held hostage since Jan. 12 by Somali pirates pleading for the Danish government and the ship's owner to help win their freedom. One of the Danes, Soeren Lyngbjoern, said the crew are often afraid, and that he is suffering health problems. The Danish cargo ship MV Leopard was hijacked in the Arabian Sea between Yemen and Somalia.

GUINEA: Leader escapes attack

President Alpha Conde narrowly survived an assassination attempt Tuesday after gunmen encircled his home overnight and pounded his bedroom with heavy-artillery, throwing into doubt the stability of the country's first democratically elected government. Conde, 73, was sleeping in a different room. One of his bodyguards was killed. The bedroom was ripped apart by bazooka and RPG-7 fire.

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