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PHILIPPINES: Typhoon leaves 10 dead

A slow-moving typhoon dumped heavy rains in the north and the east, triggering landslides and floods that left at least 10 people dead, police and relief officials said Sunday. Six more people were missing as Typhoon Nanmadol battered the northernmost province of Cagayan on Saturday. Five children ages 4 to 13 were buried in landslides in the northern Pangasinan province and the mountain resort city of Baguio.

YEMEN: Navy sinks threatening boat

Yemen's navy sank a speed boat suspected of carrying explosives as it approached naval vessels patrolling the Gulf of Aden, a military official said Sunday. The boat was said to have ignored several warning shots as it sped toward the warships and capsized after being fired on. In fighting in the volatile south, several soldiers and 20 rebel fighters were killed Sunday, while military planes bombed two areas, killing an unknown number of militants. Five soldiers, an army officer and 20 militants were killed in the violence between Yemen's military and militants close to the city of Zinjibar.

NEW ZEALAND: Errant penguin to go home

New Zealanders prepared Sunday to say farewell to Happy Feet, the emperor penguin that washed up sick and starving on a beach more than 1,800 miles from his Antarctic home. Wellington Zoo, which has nursed him back to health in the 10 weeks since he came ashore, arranged a farewell party and invited visitors to wear their best black and white gear to see him for the last time before he heads back to his freezing natural habitat Monday. He will leave on a fisheries research ship bound for Antarctic waters, where he is to be released into the Southern Ocean later in the week. The bird was nicknamed Happy Feet after a 2006 animated film of that name. "He wants to leave," zoo veterinarian Lisa Argilla said. "He is ready. and he's really stroppy. His personality has changed. He's a lot more feisty. He doesn't like us holding him and manhandling him to give him medication."

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