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SERBIA: 'Female monster' suspect arrested

A Bosnian Serb woman suspected of such brutal crimes against non-Serbs during the 1990s that she was nicknamed the "Female Monster" has been detained, police said Wednesday. Bosnian media identified her as Monika Ilic, a native of the northern Bosnian town of Brcko, whose once-childlike appearance is alleged to have hid a cruel disposition. Ilic was reportedly 18 when she married Goran Jelisic, with whom she allegedly committed crimes against imprisoned non-Serbs at the beginning of the 1992-95 Bosnian war. Jelisic, who called himself the "Serb Adolf," was sentenced in 2001 to 40 years in jail by the UN war crimes tribunal. Ilic apparently lived in Serbia under a false name. She was tracked down in Prijedor, Bosnia.

IRAQ: Maliki demands vice prez surrender

An unfolding political crisis intensified Wednesday when Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki demanded that Kurdish officials hand over the country's Sunni vice president to face criminal charges and threatened to purge the fragile coalition government of lawmakers who refuse to work with him. Maliki, a Shia, said he would release what he described as incriminating information about government officials unless they work with him to rebuild the country. Maliki said on national television that if leaders in the semiautonomous Kurdistan region do not hand over Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, who is accused of enlisting personal bodyguards to run a hit squad, "it will stir up problems." Maliki struck a defiant tone against opponents who have boycotted parliament and are accusing him of rushing to consolidate power after the departure of U.S. troops.

SYRIA: Troops massacre another 100

Terrified villagers fled into a valley as government troops advanced, activists said. What happened next, they said, was "an organized massacre." The troops unleashed a barrage of rockets, tank shells, bombs and gunfire into the valley, killing more than 100 people and leaving no survivors in one of the bloodiest days of a crackdown by President Bashar Assad against a nine-month popular uprising. The White House said it was "deeply disturbed." France called it a "murderous spiral."


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