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MYANMAR: 7 dead in sectarian violence

With residents cowering indoors, security forces in a tense western town collected bodies Monday from homes burned to ashes in some of the deadliest sectarian bloodshed in years. At least seven people have been left dead and hundreds of homes torched since Friday, in one the biggest tests yet for the new government of President Thein Sein as it tries for reforms after generations of military rule. He declared a state of emergency in the region. "We are afraid that the Rohingya Muslims would come in boats and torch the villages along the river. We have not slept well for nearly a week," a resident, Mya Thein, said in Sittwe.

NIGERIA: Robbers kill 27 on market day

Robbers killed 27 villagers preparing for a market day, a local official said in Kano. Ibrahim Sidi, of the Maru local government in Zamfara state, said the dead were counted after Monday's attack. Talatu Mai Tassh said she hid in empty sacks as the gunmen stalked people preparing to sell their goods. The arid land forms part of the northern border with Niger.

EGYPT: Mubarak losing consciousness

Hosni Mubarak was slipping in and out of consciousness Monday. The former leader, 84, was having breathing problems, and was in a deep depression, said officials at Torah prison where he is serving a life sentence. Doctors could not find a pulse twice, and used a defibrillator. Mubarak also lost consciousness several times Sunday.

AUSTRALIA: Kidnapping laid to wild dog

A coroner found Tuesday that a dingo took a baby who vanished in the Outback in 1980 in a case that split the nation over suspicions the infant had been murdered. The ruling in Darwin is from the fourth coroner's inquest into the disappearance of 9-week-old Azaria Chamberlain from a campsite near Ayers Rock. Convicted, then cleared of murdering Azaria, the mother, Lindy, had maintained that a wild dog took her. She and ex-husband Michael heard the ruling in court.

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