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NORWAY: Sentence due in massacre

Those expecting Anders Behring Breivik to spend the rest of his days alone in a cramped cell will be disappointed when the far-right fanatic receives his sentence Friday for killing 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage last year. If declared insane, the confessed killer will be the sole patient of a psychiatric ward built just for him, with 17 people on staff to treat him. If found mentally fit, he will remain isolated, for now, in the high-security prison where he uses three 86-square-foot cells: a bedroom, an exercise room and a study. Ila Prison officials say the goal would be to eventually transfer Breivik to a section with other prisoners, who have access to a school that teaches from primary grades through university-level courses, a library, a gym, work in the prison's various shops and other leisure activities. Humane prison treatment and rehabilitation form the bedrock of the Scandinavian penal system.

KENYA: 48 killed in tribal warfare

At least 48 people died in the southeast when members of the ethnic Pokomo group attacked the Orma community in a dispute over pasture, a government official said. The fighting Wednesday was at Riketa village near Witu, 261 miles southeast of Nairobi, Yahya Baroba Shambaro, an assistant chief in the Coast provincial administration office, said. The attack was in retaliation for the killings of three people and the torching of houses by Orma pastoralists earlier this month, he said. It was the highest death toll in a single day from intercommunal violence in Kenya since July 12, 2005, clashes between the Gabra and Borana people killed at least 85 people near Turbi, according to the Agency for International Development.

Crash kills 2 tourists, 2 pilots

A plane crashed minutes after takeoff in the Masai Mara game reserve, killing four people, including two German tourists. Tourism Minister Danson Mwazo said two Germans, a mother and her son, died alongside two Kenyan pilots. The plane was carrying 11 tourists, including a family of five Germans, a family of four Americans and two Czechs. The Americans, in "relatively good" condition, were taken by police helicopter to a hospital in Nairobi, said Dr. Bettina Vadera of the Flying Doctors, which sent two aircraft to evacuate the injured.

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