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AFGHANISTAN: 3 more killed in 'insider' attack

The U.S.-led military coalition said Wednesday that a man in an Afghan army uniform had killed three of its troops. The Australian Defense Force said Thursday that Australian soldiers were among those killed. It did not say how many. NATO said the latest attack came a day earlier in the south.

IRAN: Ban blasts Tehran's record

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon chief jolted his Iranian hosts for a nonaligned nations meeting Wednesday by pointing out "serious concerns" in Tehran's human rights record and urging cooperation with the world body to improve freedoms. "We have our serious concerns on the human rights abuses and violations in this country," he told a news conference as he sat next to Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, who frowned at the remarks. Iran's opposition groups had urged Ban to use his appearance in Tehran as a platform to criticize Iran's crackdowns on political dissent.

EGYPT: Ex-aide to Mubarak accused

One of deposed leader Hosni Mubarak's most trusted men was charged Wednesday with corruption, including the illegal acquisition of villas, lands and apartments originally owned by the state. Safwat el-Sherif, who served as the minister of information for nearly two decades, joins a long list of former Mubarak cronies to face trial over alleged corruption. The illicit gains branch of the Justice Ministry also accused el-Sherif of receiving gifts worth millions from chief editors in the state media in return for keeping them in their posts, as well as taking bribes. Also Wednesday, Ahmed Shafiq, Mubarak's last prime minister who narrowly lost to Mohamed Morsi in the first free presidential election after the uprising, was put on an airport watch list. He is accused of allocating large swaths of lands to Mubarak's two sons, who also have been detained.

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