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ISRAEL: Defense against Lebanon

Israel has deployed a missile defense battery in a main city near the Lebanon border, the military said Tuesday, two days after warplanes shot down an unmanned aircraft that entered Israeli skies. An army spokesman said the Patriot missile defense battery has been stationed in the northern city of Haifa. He refused to say whether the deployment was connected to Saturday's drone incident. The drone entered Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean coast and flew for about 20 minutes before it was shot down over remote desert terrain. The military has not said where the drone originated or who produced it, but it appeared to be the work of Lebanon's militant Hezbollah.

LEBANON: Airline host fired in racism

An employee of Lebanon's national airline, MEA, was fired, an official said Tuesday, after a passenger complained in a social media campaign that the worker humiliated travelers from the Philippines at the Beirut airport, telling them over the loudspeaker, "Filipino people, stop talking." The incident is part of what human rights groups say is widespread discrimination and abuse of foreign workers in Lebanon. More than 200,000 women from Asia and Africa work as maids in the country of 4 million people, said Nadim Houry, a researcher in Lebanon for New York-based Human Rights Watch. "The latest incident shows that more and more people in Lebanon are angry and tired of this racism that exists," Houry said, while urging the government to do more to protect foreign workers.

UNITED NATIONS: Afghan commitment backed

The Security Council extended authorization for the NATO-led force in Afghanistan for a year Tuesday and, while stressing that many challenges remain, welcomed the agreement to gradually transfer full responsibility to the Afghan government by the end of 2014. The council had tentatively scheduled a trip to Afghanistan in late October, but diplomats said it was delayed partly because of security concerns. The war began its 12th year on Sunday.

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