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KENYA: Separatists kill eight officers

A separatist group killed eight police officers as voting was under way in the first presidential contest since ethnic violence marred a 2007 election and curbed economic growth. The Mombasa Republican Council, which called for a boycott of the vote, carried out attacks in Coast province, Samuel Kilele, provincial commissioner, said. Six of their members died, according to Police Inspector-General David Kimaiyo. The election commission accepted responsibility Wednesday for the failure of an electronic vote counting system that has left the country in an electoral limbo. Meanwhile, the coalition of Deputy Prime Minster Uhuru Kenyatta, the candidate who faces charges at the International Criminal Court and is the son of Kenya's founding president, accused the British high commissioner of "shadowy, suspicious and rather animated involvement" in efforts to get the election commission to decide that rejected ballots should still be counted in the overall vote total.The commission said the final results of Monday's presidential election should be released Friday.

MALAYSIA: 13 invading Filipinos dead

Security forces found the bodies of 13 Philippine Muslims who invaded the eastern state of Sabah last month as they continued searching for more than 200 insurgents following an aerial and ground assault, Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said. Fatima Kiram, the wife of self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram, said his 214 followers in Sabah survived the barrage and are receiving support from Filipinos who live in the state.

EGYPT: Judge suspends elections

Egypt slipped further into political disarray Wednesday when an administrative judge suspended upcoming parliamentary elections, striking down a decree by President Mohamed Morsi to hold staggered elections for a lower house of parliament beginning April 22. The court, citing concerns over the recently amended electoral charter, asked the Supreme Constitutional Court to review the law. The opposition had vowed to boycott the poll amid accusations the electoral law favors Islamists.

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