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TIBET: Hope fades for 70 in landslide

Chances were slim that any survivors would be found after a massive mudslide at a gold mine buried 83 workers in piles of earth up to 30 meters deep, authorities said Sunday. Thirteen bodies have been found. The landslide Friday has spotlighted the extensive mining activities in the mountainous Chinese region of Tibet and sparked questions whether the mining has been excessive and has destroyed the region's fragile ecosystem. The workers were buried when mud, rock and debris swept through the mine in Gyama village in Maizhokunggar county and covered about 1.5 square miles, 45 miles east of the regional capital, Lhasa.

MALI: Fighting rages in Timbuktu

A prolonged battle for Timbuktu is being waged by Islamic extremists and the Malian and French armies, residents and a Malian military spokesman said Sunday. Fighters linked to al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb attacked the northern city late Saturday and fighting continued Sunday, said Capt. Samba Coulibaly, the military spokesman. The attack started when a jihadist bomber blew himself up at a military checkpoint at the western entrance to the city, he said. "The jihadists are a few. They sneaked into the military camp and the city of Timbuktu. There is shooting at the moment, but we'll get to the end," said a Malian soldier. The French military joined the Malian army Sunday in fighting the Islamic radicals, residents said.

KENYA: 5 killed in political protests

Police deployed forces Sunday in Nairobi and in the lakeside city of Kisumu to contain the continuing threat of violence after five people were killed in riots Saturday, officials said. The country was mostly peaceful Sunday after a court upheld Uhuru Kenyatta's election as president. Rowdy youths in Nairobi's slums were still protesting the Supreme Court's ruling against Prime Minister Raila Odinga's challenge to the validity of Kenyatta's win, police said Sunday. Three people rioting in Nairobi's Dandora slum were shot dead by police on Saturday. Two people were killed and five seriously injured Saturday in riots in Kisumu, Odinga's hometown in Nyanza province.

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