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World briefs

BangladeshKey opposition leader executed

Bangladesh executed a leading Muslim opposition figure late yesterday who had been convicted by a government-constituted war crimes tribunal of offenses allegedly committed during the country's 1971 war for independence from Pakistan. The hanging of Abdul Quader Mollah in a Dhaka jail was announced to national media by chief government administrator Sheik Yousuf Harun. Mollah was convicted by the tribunal in February of killing a student and a family of 11 and of helping Pakistani troops kill 369 others during the independence war, The Associated Press reported from Dhaka. He was initially sentenced to life in prison, but the Supreme Court in September changed the sentence to death.

SyriaInspectors confirm chemical attack

Chemical weapons were probably used in four locations in Syria this year, in addition to the confirmed attack near Damascus in August that forced the government to abandon its secret chemical stockpile, United Nations inspectors said in a report released Thursday. The experts, led by Swedish professor Ake Sellstrom, examined seven alleged chemical weapons attacks and said it lacked information to corroborate the allegations at two locations. Yesterday's report said evidence indicated chemical weapons were probably used in Khan al Assal outside Aleppo, Jobar in Damascus' eastern suburbs, Saraqueb near Idlib in the northwest, and Ashrafiah Sahnaya in the Damascus countryside. In two cases, it found "signatures of Sarin."

CanadaReporter sues Toronto mayor

A Toronto Star reporter sued Mayor Rob Ford on Thursday for suggesting the journalist was a pedophile. Ford appeared on a Vision TV interview with former media baron and convicted felon Conrad Black and accused Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale of taking pictures of little kids. Ford said he didn't "want to say that word but you start thinking what this guy is all about." The day after the interview aired, Ford told reporters: "I stand by every word I said with Mr. Black." Ford's insinuation was related to an instance in May 2012 when Dale was investigating a plot of public land adjacent to Ford's home that the mayor wanted to buy.

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