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COLOMBIA / Boy killed carrying bomb

A package bomb killed a 12-year-old boy who may have been told to take it to a police station in Colombia's turbulent, coca-growing southwest, officials said Friday. The boy, still in his school uniform, died about 4 p.m. Thursday in the blast, which also injured two officers at the police station in the town of El Charco, officials said. It was unknown who gave him a package containing about 22 pounds of explosives, or how it was detonated, the local judicial police chief, Bairon Javier Botina, told AP. All that remained of the boy were his legs, he said.

SPAIN / Mastectomy not cure for all

For some women, having a breast removed once they're diagnosed with cancer doesn't always mean they'll live longer, a new study says. In women with breast cancer who also have genetic mutations that make them more susceptible, they appear to live just as long whether they choose to preserve their breast or have mastectomy, researchers said. The small study was presented in Barcelona at a breast cancer conference Friday.

GAZA STRIP / Fatal Israel, militants clash

The Israeli military said Friday two soldiers were killed in a firefight with militants who were planting explosives along the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip. The Israeli military said its soldiers opened fire on the militants, killing two of them.

FRANCE / Firm: Plavix not in EU recall

Sanofi-Aventis SA said Friday its blockbuster drug Plavix is safe, a day after European Union regulators ordered a recall of generic brands of the blood thinner's active ingredient. The French drugmaker said it makes all of its drugs containing the ingredient, clopidogrel, in Europe. The company also said its clopidogrel drugs are not part of a European Medicines Agency recall, which affects clopidogrel produced in an Indian factory.

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