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IRELAND / 9 IRA suspects arrested

Ireland's police says it has arrested nine suspected Irish Republican Army dissidents and seized weapons. Friday's arrests follow a British government decision to raise its warning of possible attacks by IRA splinter groups in England. Irish authorities say they agree with that threat assessment. The dissidents oppose the IRA cease-fire and wider Northern Ireland peacemaking.

GERMANY / 9/11 link to Europe alert?

The Islamic militant whose disclosures under U.S. interrogation in Afghanistan triggered Europe's terror alert is an old friend of a man convicted in the 9/11 attacks and, as the strikes were being planned, frequented the same mosque where the Hamburg-based plotters often met, officials say. Hamburg security officials in August shuttered the Taiba mosque because of fears it was becoming a magnet for homegrown extremists. Ahmad Wali Siddiqui, 36, a German of Afghan descent, is believed to have been part of the Hamburg militant scene that included key 9/11 plotters.

LIBYA / Grace period in peace talks

Arab League ministers meeting in Libya agreed Friday to give the United States another month to try to persuade Israel to renew curbs on West Bank settlement construction and keep Mideast peace talks from collapsing. The one-month grace period followed U.S. efforts to broker a compromise. Foreign ministers from the 22-member league criticized the continued construction, but added they would resume meetings in a month to study alternatives. The Israeli government had no immediate comment.

CHILE / Working on miners' rescue

Drillers Friday neared the lower reaches of a gold and copper mine where 33 men have been trapped for more than two months, Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said. If the shaft's rock walls are found to be strong, the miners could be pulled out beginning Tuesday. If not, rescuers will line the shaft at least partially with steel pipe, delaying the rescue for three to eight more days.

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