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AFGHANISTAN / Kidnapped Briton dies in rescue try

The British foreign secretary says a female British aid worker abducted in eastern Afghanistan was killed by her captors during a rescue attempt. Foreign Secretary William Hague said Saturday in London that the aid worker was killed Friday night during an operation to free her. Linda Norgrove and three colleagues were kidnapped in eastern Kunar province on Sept. 26 after being ambushed. Police fought a gun battle with the kidnappers near the attack site before the assailants fled. Hague's statement expressed "deep sadness" that Norgrove "was killed at the hands of her captors" during the rescue attempt.

HUNGARY / Reservoir wall near collapse

The cracking wall of an industrial plant reservoir appeared on the verge of collapse late Saturday, and engineers were working to blunt a possible second wave of the caustic red sludge that has already deluged several towns in western Hungary and killed seven. Residents of one nearby town were evacuated, others were ordered to be ready to evacuate, and everyone was bracing for a new onslaught of toxic material. Engineers feared a second wave could be even more toxic than the first because the sludge remaining in the reservoir was more concentrated. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the northern wall of the storage pool, which released at least 184 million gallons of caustic red sludge and water five days ago after one of its corners ruptured, was showing numerous cracks and seemed ready to fail.

ITALY / Thousands mourn teen

Thousands of people have walked past the coffin of a 15-year-old girl whose killing - announced to her mother on live TV - has shocked Italy. Sarah Scazzi disappeared Aug. 26 while walking in the town of Avetrana, in southern Italy. She remained missing for weeks while police searched for clues. This week, police pulled the body of a girl resembling Scazzi out of a cistern just outside the town. The girl's mother was a guest on a live TV show Wednesday when she was told her daughter was likely dead.

LIBYA / Abbas said to gird for failed talks

Diplomats say Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is urging Arab leaders to consider alternatives if peace talks with Israel fail, including pressing the United States to recognize a unilateral declaration of statehood. Two Arab diplomats who attended a closed session at a summit of Arab League nations in Libya Saturday said Abbas asked leaders to consider that idea and, if it were to fail, to take the demand to the UN.

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