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SERBIA: Trial for ex-SUNY athlete

A former college basketball player who jumped bail in the United States after allegedly beating an American student into a coma will go on trial Monday in his native country. The First Municipal Court in Belgrade said Sunday that Miladin Kovacevic, 23, is accused of inflicting "severe bodily harm with possible deadly consequences" on Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn in May 2008 at Binghamton University. Kovacevic also is charged with obtaining a false passport to flee the United States after the fight in a bar near the university.

PAKISTAN: U.S. missiles kill 3 militants

Suspected U.S. missiles struck a militant compound in North Waziristan on Sunday, killing at least three people in an area teeming with Taliban and al-Qaida fighters who often launch attacks against NATO troops in Afghanistan, Pakistani officials said. The compound struck by two U.S. missiles was located in the village of Tabbi Tolkhel, a little over a mile northeast of the main town of Miran Shah, an official said.

VATICAN CITY: Pope blasts Belgian raids

Pope Benedict XVI lashed out Sunday at what he called the "deplorable" raids carried out Thursday by Belgian police who detained bishops, confiscated computers, opened a crypt and took church documents as part of an investigation into priestly sex abuse. Benedict made a rare personal entry into the escalating diplomatic dispute with Belgium, issuing a message of solidarity to the head of the Belgian bishops' conference and other bishops detained in the raid. He said justice must take its course, but also asserted the right of the Catholic Church to investigate clerical abuse alongside civil law enforcement authorities.

CHINA: South reeling from floods

Floodwaters began receding in the hard-hit south Sunday as workers repaired a dike breach that forced the evacuation of 100,000 people. Torrential rains had forced the removal of 3 million people over the past two weeks. This year's floods have killed 235 people.

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