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Wright argues, but still respects the umpires

New York Mets' David Wright argues over a

New York Mets' David Wright argues over a strike call during game against the Philadelphia Phillies. (May 1, 2010) Photo Credit: MCT/RON CORTES

PHILADELPHIA - With the Mets trailing, 8-0, and Roy Halladay dealing, David Wright wasn't in a very good mood to begin with as he stepped to the plate in the sixth inning. But Wright ultimately snapped when umpire Ron Kulpa ran the count to 0-and-2 by giving Halladay what he thought was a low-and-inside called strike.

Wright briefly turned back at Kulpa for a few angry words, but then looked away when he really started to spout off.

"It happens," Wright said. "You're going to have disagreements, but that's all it is - a disagreement. We put it behind us and I try to hit the next pitch."

Wright didn't. He swung and missed at a slider to whiff on three pitches. But Kulpa kept his eyes fixed on Wright. When asked later if the umpire came at him, Wright didn't believe it.

"When you've got two men in a disagreement, obviously things are going to get heated every now and then," Wright said. "But I don't think either one of us crossed the line . . . You have two guys that think they're right and obviously it makes for a little bit of confrontation.

"But I have all the respect in the world, not just for him, but for all the umpires. So as long as you have that kind of back and forth, and don't cross that line, it's OK."

Wright will get a chance to continue the discussion Sunday night. Kulpa will be the third-base umpire then.


Extra bases

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