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Newsday's Pulitzer Prize winners

Bob Keeler hugs Laurie Garrett upon hearing that

Bob Keeler hugs Laurie Garrett upon hearing that they both won 1996 Pulitzers. Keeler won for beat reporting on a progressive Roman Catholic parish and Garrett won for explanatory journalism for her reports from Zaire on the Ebola virus. (April 9, 1996) Credit: Newsday Photo / Ken Spencer

Newsday's Pulitzer Prizes, as awarded by the Pulitzer Prize Board, with descriptions from

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1954: Public Service
For its expose of New York State's racetrack scandals and labor racketeering, which led to the extortion indictment, guilty plea and imprisonment of William C. DeKoning Sr., New York labor racketeer.


1970: Editorial Cartooning
Thomas F. Darcy - For his editorial cartooning during 1969.
1970: Public Service
For its three-year investigation and exposure of secret land deals in eastern Long Island, which led to a series of criminal convictions, discharges and resignations among public and political officeholders in the area.

1974: Criticism
Emily Genauer - For her critical writing about art and artists.
1974: Public Service
For its definitive report on the illicit narcotics traffic in the United States and abroad called "The Heroin Trail."

Photo of Emily Genauer


1984: Local General or Spot News Reporting
For a Newsday team's enterprising and comprehensive coverage of the Baby Jane Doe case and its far-reaching social and political implications.

1985: Commentary
Murray Kempton - For witty and insightful reflection on public issues in 1984 and throughout a distinguished career.
1985: International Reporting
Josh Friedman and Dennis Bell, reporters, and Ozier Muhammad, photographer - For their series on the plight of the hungry in Africa.

From left, Ozier Muhamad, Murry Kempton, Dennis Bell and Josh Friedman. Newsday photo


1992: International Reporting
Patrick J. Sloyan - For his reporting on the Persian Gulf War, conducted after the war was over, which revealed new details of American battlefield tactics and "friendly fire" incidents.
1992: Spot News Reporting
For coverage of a midnight subway derailment in Manhattan that left five passengers dead and more than 200 injured.

1993: International Reporting
Roy Gutman - For his courageous and persistent reporting that disclosed atrocities and other human rights violations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1995: Commentary
Jim Dwyer - For his compelling and compassionate columns about New York City.
1995: Investigative Reporting
Brian Donovan and Stephanie Saul - For their stories that revealed disability pension abuses by local police.

1996: Beat Reporting
Bob Keeler - For his detailed portrait of a progressive local Catholic parish and its parishioners.
1996: Explanatory Journalism
Laurie Garrett - For her courageous reporting from Zaire on the Ebola virus outbreak there. (The winner was entered and nominated in the International Reporting category and was moved by the Pulitzer Prize Board to Explanatory Journalism.)

1997: Spot News Reporting
For its enterprising coverage of the crash of TWA Flight 800 and its aftermath.

Jim Dwyer. Credit: Newsday photo / Tony Jerome


2002: Criticism
Justin Davidson - For his crisp coverage of classical music that captures its essence.

2005: International Reporting
Dele Olojede - For his fresh, haunting look at Rwanda a decade after rape and genocidal slaughter had ravaged the Tutsi tribe.

2007: Editorial Cartooning
Walt Handelsman - For his stark, sophisticated cartoons and his impressive use of zany animation.

Walt Handelsman. AP Photo

Newsday Pulitzer Prize winners

PHOTOS: Newsday's Pulitzer Prize winners