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Editorial: A 'like' for Facebook's limit on gun sales

Sixty percent of U.S. parents are comfortable spying

Sixty percent of U.S. parents are comfortable spying on their kids' facebook pages. Credit: iStock

Facebook is the latest online behemoth to step up against illegal gun sales, helping to fill a void left by Congress. The social network said Wednesday it will restrict minors' access to pages offering guns for sale, delete posts seeking to circumvent gun laws such as background checks, and alert people hawking guns that the sales could be regulated where they live. Anyone using Facebook's photo-sharing app, Instagram, to offer guns for sale will get a content warning.

Others have done more. The e-commerce sites Craigslist and eBay prohibit gun sales: full stop. Facebook, whose reason for being is to promote freewheeling social interaction, stopped considerably short of that absolute. But its new policy should make using the website for illegal gun sales less convenient. Baby steps? Absolutely. But that beats no steps at all.