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Good Afternoon

Gorman: Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber and the dying art of the quarter-life crisis

Amanda Bynes debuted her new look on Twitter

Amanda Bynes debuted her new look on Twitter on March 10, 2013. Credit: Amanda Bynes via Twitter

Britney Spears shaved her head. Lindsay Lohan has more mug shots than head shots. Demi Lovato went back and forth between slicing her wrists and puking in toilets. Celebrity breakdowns are nothing new.

The latest spotlight on a celeb gone wrong fell on Amanda Bynes. Bynes, known best for her television roles on All That and What I Like About You, has been making questionable life choices for the past few years. There was a rumored drinking problem, strange posts on Twitter about retirement, a car accident…

But on Tuesday, she tweeted a photo of herself with a stud piercing in the middle of her cheek and enough makeup to keep CoverGirl in business for the next 30 years. So, naturally, the media jumped on it within minutes. Another one?

Sure, staying relevant in Hollywood is tough, but does everyone have to jump on the celebrity drug rehab bandwagon? The quarter-life crisis is getting a bit old. You hit 23, decide you’re invincible, pop whatever pill is in front of you and the rest is history. Judging by recent angry outbursts at paparazzi and other celebs, Justin Bieber might be next on the list of boys gone bonkers, along with Shia Labeouf, Nick Carter and Macaulay Culkin.

Celebrities are supposed to be ahead of the curve—setting trends, starting movements and all that jazz—but these meltdowns are really out of style. Another celeb with a drinking problem…Where’s the originality!?

Wouldn’t the day someone snaps and donates their entire net worth to charity be more interesting? Or a star that goes off the deep end and joins the Peace Corps? Or, could a star even pull an Ashley Olsen and go to college? Now that would be newsworthy.