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Vogel: Anthony Weiner flashes his arrogance

Anthony Weiner on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Anthony Weiner on Capitol Hill in Washington. Credit: AP, 2009

Oh my God, he's running.

Even after a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows more people are against his candidacy than for it. Even after the Clintons said they won't endorse him.

And, worst of all, even after Weiner said it's "possible" that more of his sexting photos are still out in cyberspace, and other women may come forward.


Forgive me, Anthony, but you're the one out in space. Yes, I know that if you didn't use your $4-million-plus war chest this year, you'd lose $1.5 million in matching funds.

But that's not a good enough reason to run. Are you really that out of it? Don't you understand how the public perceives you? Don't you watch Showtime's "Homeland," where the returning POW was running for the vacated seat of the "fictional," crotch-tweeting ex-Congressman "Dick Johnson"? That's you!

And now you say there may be other photos out there? You've already admitted to communicating with a 17-year-old girl. Even if you didn't send her lewd pictures, that's disturbing. Do you really think the media (and Democratic front-runner Christine Quinn) aren't prepared to jump back into this? Do you really want to reopen this can of worms?

Of course, I'm sure there are people who are eager for you to run. Unfortunately their names are Letterman, Leno, Kimmel and Fallon. Are you that much in denial that you don't realize you need to earn your way back into our trust?

Bill Clinton polished his image with a combination of good works, plus time. Perhaps you could volunteer somewhere, rescue a kitten from a burning building -- anything to make our lasting image of you something other than someone flashing his . . . no, it's too easy.

Instead, you're running for mayor. Yes, it's a flawed field of contenders, but the last thing we need now is one more.

You were a strong congressman, and everyone deserves a second chance. But this campaign appears to be the height of self-absorption -- and self-destruction. Someone who cares about you should read you the riot act.

You don't need this, Anthony. And neither do we.

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