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Filler: Anthony Weiner needs to stop apologizing

NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, seen here earlier

NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, seen here earlier last week, apologizes again after more explicit pictures and texts have emerged. (July 16, 2013) Credit: Craig Ruttle

At this point -- as it's becoming clear that part of Anthony Weiner's personal life exists in a dark place most of us can't really relate to, but his wife seems able to smilingly accept -- what I want from Weiner has changed.

I'm not asking him not to send photos of his various body parts to make-believe sexual partners all over the planet. I'm not asking him to stop sexting, or using his cell phone as an erotic tool or promising women he's never met condominiums and jobs.

I'm just asking him to stop apologizing for it, at least to us.

Horrible extramarital tech-inspired behavior is a thing with you, Mr. Danger. We get it. Voters and people in general can either accept and support it, or reject and be appalled by it. That's up to them.

So if Weiner wants to follow every new incident that comes to light with flowers, candy and promises for his wife, Huma Abedin, that it will never ever, or hardly ever, or quite often happen again, that's between them.

But at this point, the press conferences have about run their course.