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Up on the Board: Boston terrorists in New York, airport delays

Delays are happening at New York City-area airports

Delays are happening at New York City-area airports because of federal furloughs mandated by sequestration cuts. Credit: Newsday/Julia Gaines

We didn’t post Up on the Board earlier today, because the editorial board went out to lunch to celebrate our nomination as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Newsday was named on April 15 as one of three finalists for editorial writing, for our coverage after superstorm Sandy.

And over lunch, things changed. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced midday that the Boston Marathon bombers had been planning to drive to New York City to party – and then detonate bombs in Times Square. It’s chilling … and reminds us that New York will always be a target for anti-West sentiment. We’ll be writing about that for tomorrow’s paper.

Also, airports are experiencing delays because of federal budget cuts – there’s that sequester again – and Congress may act to fix the problem piecemeal. The editorial board thinks this is no way to run a government, and more fundamental budget reform is needed.

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