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Good Morning

Call me the Good Luck Chick

A bride and groom.

A bride and groom. Credit: iStock

An acquaintance of mine got married recently. I’m very happy for him and his bride. I wasn’t invited to the wedding, although I believe I was instrumental in getting him to the altar. Apparently, I’m the Good Luck Chick.

Don’t confuse me with the character played by Dane Cook in the raunchy 2007 movie “Good Luck Chuck.” In the film, Chuck appears to be a human rabbit’s foot for women searching for their one true love. Sleep with Chuck once and ... boom! Your soul mate will come a-calling shortly thereafter.

A similar pattern began to emerge in my own life. I merely had to hang out with a fellow and maybe do a bit of hand-holding or kissing and ... boom! The guy would disappear from my radar, only to resurface with another woman, his one true love.

Regarding the aforementioned wedding, the groom and I had been friends who admired one another from afar. He was a good deal younger, but we clicked. Unfortunately, we were never single at the same time. Finally, we both became unencumbered!

We watched a “romantic” movie together (“Pulp Fiction”) and shared our first kiss. But within a couple of weeks, he disappeared without a peep. For all I knew, he could have been in the Witness Protection Program. I saw him months later at a concert in Patchogue. He was affectionate, but not to the point where I got a good-night kiss. He explained that he “had a girl.” And yes, he eventually married her.

In a similar situation, a male co-worker put out a strong vibe that he was interested in me. A group of us had gone out to an Applebee’s after our shift, and this dude told me we should spend time together. He stressed that we had a lot in common, including music and the Dallas Cowboys. He insisted that I “friend” him on Facebook immediately. He also gave me his number and told me to text him anytime. I agreed to his demands and even messaged him at work via the office system.

This guy was bright, funny and cute. I asked him over for dinner, but he politely declined. Then another time, I invited him over to watch a Cowboys game. Nope, no can do. Weeks passed, but we never got together. I gave up, unfriended him on Facebook, and went on with my life. Not long after, I noticed he had a walking partner for breaktime at work. This partner was female and pretty. I expect him to propose marriage any day now. Can’t wait to swap stories with her at the ol’ water cooler.

My ex-boyfriend found his true love on Oh, and my ex-husband married his soul mate in October.

I’m very good at helping to create these relationships, no? I should advertise my matchmaking services on Craigslist or in New York magazine. Men would line up at my door to date me, disappear and move on to their dream girls.

Perhaps Hollywood would consider a sequel to “Good Luck Chuck.” I envision Sarah Jessica Parker in the lead role; people always say I resemble her. She would make a perfect Good Luck Chick, and the movie could be a perennial favorite for Valentine’s Day.

Reader Robin Ames lives in Coram.