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Choosing the next pope: Analysis and opinion from around the world

Jorge Bergoglio celebrates Mass in honor of Pope

Jorge Bergoglio celebrates Mass in honor of Pope John Paul II at the Buenos Aires Cathedral in Buenos Aires. (April 4, 2005) (Credit: AP)

  • A women poses with an Argentinian flag on

    opinion OpEd Ortiz: What will Pope Francis mean for Latinos? There is tremendous joy and pride among Latinos over the election of Pope Francis. ... Read More »

  • opinion OpEd Kass: Pope Francis can learn from Benedict Benedict repeatedly warned that the church was in crisis, among the hierarchs and the laity. ... Read More »

  • article Opinion 3/14/13 Keeler: A reading list for Pope Francis I It’s pretty cheeky to offer reading suggestions to a new pope, especially a Jesuit one. ... Read More »

  • Women hold rosaries at St Peter basilica during

    column Bob Keeler Keeler: Pope Francis has a welcome name This is a pope who gives me hope. ... Read More »

  • Opinion

    I think Pope Francis should...

    Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. We asked Long Islanders what they were looking for in a new pope. Tell us what you think Pope Francis should do at Take the Podium or by sending us a video response.


  • article Opinion 3/13/13 Dionne: Pope Francis is a new center of gravity A great deal of hope rests on the choice of the name Francis. ... Read More »

  • Pope Francis waves to the crowd from the

    editorial Opinion Editorial: In the pope, a Francis for our times It is an opportunity the world can pray, or at least hope, will not be ... Read More »

  • The crowd in St. Peter's Square cheers as

    article Opinion 3/13/13 World reacts to Pope Francis: From 'who?!' to 'yaay!' Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope. ... Read More »

  • Cardinals attend the Pro Eligendo Romano Pontifice Mass

    article Opinion 3/13/13 Will Francis change Catholic-Jewish relations? There’s no cardinal in the Sistine Chapel who inspires fear among Jews. ... Read More »

  • Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet makes his way to

    opinion Opinion Parker: Media myopia as conclave selects Pope Francis I 2,000 years of history suggest the church will adapt and survive ... Read More »

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