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For Anne Flomenhaft, DNC delegate from LI, the mission is clear

Anne Flomenhaft, 21, of Malverne, a delegate to

Anne Flomenhaft, 21, of Malverne, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention on July 25, 2016. Credit: Amanda Fiscina

PHILADELPHIA — The rising Manhattanville College senior was on board with Hillary Clinton until last summer. That’s when she started looking into the candidate’s track record, like changing her position on gay marriage late in the game.

“That’s just not progressive,” said Anne Flomenhaft, 21 of Malverne — the youngest delegate from Long Island the Democratic National Convention.

She joined Long Island for Bernie Sanders and applied to be a national delegate. She used the crowd-funding site GoFundMe to raise $1,025 for her trip to the DNC.

Even though Sanders has endorsed Clinton’s presidential bid, Flomenhaft said by no means is she here to help her. “His message must continue, our mission is still alive,” she said, adding that she thinks everyone fails to realize Sanders has huge support from millennials but from those 50 and older, too.

Flomenhaft said her vote will be determined by the polls closer to the election. If it’s close, she’ll choose Clinton to avoid a Donald Trump presidency, but if Clinton has it in the bag she just wouldn’t bother “to waste her vote on her.”

“More of the same, status quo, not progressive, moderate, mainstream, crowd pleasing,” she said of Clinton. “I’m not mad Bernie isn’t the nominee, I’m sad this is what we got instead.”

Correction: Due to an editing error an earlier version of this post mistakenly stated that Flomenhaft was the youngest delegate at the DNC; she is the youngest delegate from Long Island.