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Michaud: Does Newsday shut out Common Core skeptics? The data says...

People protest at the Common Core Education Forum

People protest at the Common Core Education Forum at Ward Melville High School on Nov. 12, 2013. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

On Monday, Newsday ran a letter in praise of the Common Core standards from an East Moriches school librarian and professional development coordinator. Almost immediately, we received an email from a reader saying that Newsday should stop pushing our pro-Common Core agenda.

The editorial board was aghast. We don't solicit letters in support of our editorial positions. Letters are the work of readers who agree with us -- or not.

Newsday's opinions appear in editorials, but the letters section is for readers. As the letters editor, I want the section to be true to public opinion on Long Island -- or at least, the public opinion that makes it to our offices via email, snail mail and other means.

So, today I counted letters, pro and con. In two years, letters have run 3-to-1 against the Common Core. But don't take my word for it. Here are two galleries of readers' opinions, in favor and against. See for yourself:

UPDATE: Anne Michaud has responded to some of the responses to this piece in the comments section below. Keep the conversation going.