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Assessing the assessors

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran on Jan. 17

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran on Jan. 17 in Mineola. Credit: Howard Schnapp

So just how is reassessment and a potential five-year phase-in going to affect those who will vote on it, members of the Nassau County Legislature and the county executive? It depends on where they live, what their homes are worth, and most important, how aggressively they’ve appealed their own taxes each year.

After years of conversation and debate, the Nassau legislature is finally moving forward with the Taxpayer Protection Plan. A vote is expected Monday. The phase-in, if it passes as expected, also will slow the process of lowering the taxes of those who’ve overpayed.

Here are the old and new assessed market values of the home of the county legislators and county executive, along with how many times the assessments of the homes they live in have been challenged since 2011 (some appeals could have been filed under a previous owner), how many challenges have been successful, and how the Taxpayer Impact Statement prepared by the county modeled on 2017-2018 taxes suggests they’d fair if the new values are phased in, and if they go into full effect immediately.