1) Spring Valley lawmakers consider their next move after the stunning arrests Tuesday of its top two elected officials -- Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph A. Desmaret -- on federal corruption charges. Will Jasmin and Desmaret step down while they fight the charges? Read the latest here.

2) The Yankees take another shot at knocking off the rival Boston Red Sox in a night game at Yankee Stadium. The Bronx Bombers lost their home opener 8-2 to the Red Sox on Monday. Read the latest here.

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3) A vote is expected Wednesday in the Connecticut Legislature on sweeping gun control legislation. The vote is expected to follow other states -- including New York and Colorado -- to tighten restriction on firearm and ammunition purchases. The vote will come after President Barack Obama was expected to make a speech in Hartford to push for federal gun control legislation, The Associated Press reported. The Connecticut vote would come some three months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in which 26 people were gunned down. More: Gun enthusiasts pack stores before ban.

4) The world's eyes are on North Korea as the rogue dictatorship threatens to restart its plutonium reactor and a uranium enrichment plant. The United States called the latest of almost daily threats from Pyongyang "extremely alarming" Tuesday. However, officials told The Associated Press they doubted North Korea's ability to manufacture more nuclear material but were taking no chances. "The entire national security team is focused on it," said White House spokesman Jay Carney. Read the latest here.

5) The Rolling Stones are set to announce plans for a new tour Wednesday. Although The Associated Press noted that even the old jokes about the Rolling Stones have become old, the wire service also pointed out that with members pushing into their early 70s, time may really be running out on the opportunity to see one of rock and roll's best live bands.