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Listen: Marry now, party later in the age of COVID-19

Anthony Chille and Katie Ciorciari featured in a

Anthony Chille and Katie Ciorciari featured in a "Life Under Coronavirus" podcast.

Episode 20 of "Life Under Coronavirus"  tells the story of two couples adapting their weddings during the pandemic. (click to listen)

“Marry now, party later”: that’s what Long Island wedding photographer Stacey Kaufmann says many couples are doing in the time of coronavirus. 

That means postponing the dance party for healthier times, but doing what they can to hold a ceremony of some sort today--whether it’s broadcast on Zoom or held in a park with the help of a virtual rabbi. 

There might be a dress and veil off Amazon or a guest or two sitting on blankets, but they hope the spirit of the day endures. 

“You know, at the end of the day, we realize that things like this are trivial as long as we're able to formally get married and say I do,” says Brian Rappaport, one of the grooms. “There's always going to be time in life to celebrate.”

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